Handle Social Media Brand Accounts Safely

Brands safety

The days are gone when social media sites were just meant for fun and hang out with friends. Now serious business is too being followed on these social accounts.

With migration of businesses and brands on social media, hackers have arrived too with all their strategies and trick to nail brands social media down. So keep safe your social media accounts if you are handling a big brand or even if it’s a small business as competitors may use this trick to ruin your business.

Big brand social profiles have been recently hacked and the major victims were McDonalds and Jeep. Hacking was used to take control of these brands social media accounts and circulate inappropriate posts and messages to millions of brand page followers.

Safeguard your social media accounts today by taking these preventive majors:

  • Take social media profiles and passwords seriously. Use any social media management tool like Hootsuite to give access to social media managers rather than giving them complete control over your social profiles.
  • Extra safety majors for Facebook page as it also related to your social advertising.
  • Involvement of your IT team from time to time on social media channels.
  • Use unified channels and centralize your social media accounts within a single system like Hootsuite again allowing your operations on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and rest from one secure zone.
  • Keep updating your social media profiles passwords regularly and last but not the least always choose stronger passwords with combination of alphanumeric and special characters.
  • Hire expert social media agency to award your social media marketing a boost and safeguard you by acknowledging all the issues at first level.

Social Ads – The Growing Future of Social Media Advertising

Social ads have impacted the entire business and advertising industry scenario in the quickest time than any other one. No other ad platform or option has caught fire like social advertising in past centuries.

The reason is simple and convincing citing the massive growth of internet and social media. Billions of users are spending their quality and maximum time over social networks making these social channels the eminent spot for advertising and promotion.

Social platforms are also making the growth of social ads by adding value and ease of use to it. Facebook alone has introduced 4 to 5 versions of Facebook ads that can be run without any help and with click of mouse. You just need few bucks to start advertising now on these social media networks.

Start your advertisement on social media if already not or your business is going to loose a great race and facility of current time.

At, Adbot – Social Marketing Agency, we are assisting in creating the best ads on social media as well as saving a great deal of your adverting budget.