How to Use Facebook Services for Marketing?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website in the entire world with over1.49 billion dynamic and active users and above 900 million of logging every day. Facebook is a platform that creates new and interesting ways to connect with the users all across the globe. Several business owners use Facebook services to promote their products and engage large number of audiences.

Whether you wish to market from an individual profile or a business page, there are a lot of great ways to use Facebook services like Facebook notes and other features.

Facebook Marketing

You can use the below mentioned services for marketing your business in the best way:

  1. Profile page: Your profile page should contain apt amount of content which can attract the viewers and entice them to like your posts and share them on their timelines (or profile page). You should also manage the past posts on your profile to create an attractive profile.
  2. Optimize the page: An optimized page is easily found at search engines which can help you promote your business in a quick way and reach maximum users possible.
  3. One-on-one interaction: Facebook allows you to interact with different and diverse people directly. You can receive direct feedbacks from the Facebook users and you can straight away reply them accordingly.
  4. Facebook notes: you can use the Facebook notes to communicate with the current and potential audiences. You can write a note that summarizes your business goals or latest blog posts.
  5. Facebook’s search function: Facebook has been making efforts to update its search tool so that you can use this function to search whatever you wish to. Facebook is more like “search engine” which can show desired results to its users and help them being updated with breaking news and other important bulletin.

Through Facebook you can share, like and post whatever you want to. Several useful Facebook services give you the opportunity to bring into light your business products and services which other people may like and want to avail. Over the time, Facebook has become a valuable tool for marketing businesses through its impeccable services.



Facebook released new findings on Valentine’s Day that tells when two people are about to change their relationship status to “in a relationship.” In about 3 months or roughly 100 days before a couple updates their status to make their relationship official on Facebook, Facebook monitors a steady increase in the number of posts posted on each other’s Facebook timeline.

It turns out that if two people have been” Facebook official” for more than three or more months, they are likely in it for the long haul. Initially Facebook only looked at couples who declared a specific anniversary date and not only those who changed their relationship status between April11, 2010 and Oct 21, 2013 and remained “single” 100 days before and “in a relationship” 100 days after that date.


Facebook looked at words expressing positive emotions – such as “love” , “nice” and “happy” – compared to ones with negative emotions (“hate” , “hurt” and “bad”) to predict the status of two people. The study focused exclusively on relationships that have lasted at least three months and whose members are at least 23 years old. The study excluded those people who had their status as “married”. Here is a graph showing the probability of a relationship surviving to certain duration for relationships lasting three months or longer.

The study also looked at people who broke up, and they found out that relationships are most likely to end in summers as compared to winter and other seasons. Reason behind that may be the academic calendar year, which draws people away from current lovers and to other lovers or flings. All this study leads to predicting the relationship status of two people which if you look at it is just common sense but needs a lot of hard work.

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