3 Prominent Social Media Marketing Tools to Be Used in 2015


The tools of social media marketing have taken it to a different level that in turn makes the work simpler.

One who says that life is about challenges is absolutely correct. However one should not miss the point that it is not only the individual life but also the acceptance of change is challenging for humanity as a whole. Change could be categorised and bifurcated in different sections, but the one I am refereeing to in this piece is the change that the evolving time has presented to the mankind. In fact it could be rightly said that human being has evolved with the modifying time. One of the biggest challenges of the 20th century was the human adjustment with the process of digitalisation. Similar to all other challenges of evolving time to the mankind, this has been bravely faced and adapted by all. The resultant outcome has been percolation of the virtual world into our day lives. Along with the other facets of our life the virtual world assisted and benefited the world to become smaller through the avenue of social media. Social media has enhanced better connectivity not only for normal individuals but also between the buyers and seller. This fact has encouraged the rise of the concept of social media marketing.

Today social media marketing has become the norm of the day. Social media is not simple and marketing in this platform has panoramic impact which has several unknown layers. These layers are composed of the social media tools which are several in numbers. If you are planning to promulgate your enterprise brand through venturing into the avenues of social media marketing, it is essential to have fair amount of knowledge about these tools.  Three significant tools are:

  • Analyst tools: this tool paves the way towards the quantitative scrutiny of the digital metrics. This assist to measure the impact the virtual present and its acceptance by the target group, in different virtual platform.
  • Listening tool: this enables you to keep the note of the sentiments sprouting regarding your brand and also enables one to get the hint of the products capacity of alluring the consumer. It makes one realise whether the product is liked or disliked by the audience.
  • Social media management tool: as preferred in the current time this tools more or less are third party based. It is essential as it provides predominant push to the brand name in the social media platform. These tools allows to club different activities of the multiple platform at one place something like Hootsuite.

Therefore it seems digitisation has its own response in order to make work related to it simpler.  This makes brand promotion using social media marketing more approachable by people who are running their business and handling all social profiles by themselves.


3 Simple Techniques That Will Increase Your Social Media Content

Handling social media is not easy; it especially stands true for startups, run by fairly busy people who have a lot on their plate. Their highest priority isn’t posting on Twitter and check engagement levels on Facebook.

Social MediaWe all know, deep inside that social media is the key to online marketing. To be the best marketing agency, one cannot ignore social media.

Here are certain simple techniques to increase the social media content output:

    • Collect the write-ups and links as you go

Posting on social media is without a doubt is a significant aspect, at the same time finding content to post is a challenging part which is horrendously time-consuming as well. The amount of effort and time that you pour into searching and posting can be reduced easily.
The process of collecting the content to post is the key. You need a collection system, whenever you come across something exciting to post on social media, all you need to do is save it for future posting purposes.

    • Scheduling

When you incorporate a social media marketing schedule, you automatically reduce the time and effort essential throughout the day. Everything comes for a price; the characteristic advantage of social media is also its biggest disadvantage. It is true that you can keep your brand presence felt at all times, though this requires persistent output and daily effort. As quickly you build a brand name for yourself, if you don’t incorporate time and efforts into maintaining your online presence, it can shatter in no time.

    • Share your posts regularly

Here is another advice, share your content more than once. This is the ultimate hack for less efforts yet more content. Not everybody checks their account at the same time, so why not share the same thing twice or more?

These 3 simple techniques will definitely eradicate content requirement issues startups have.

How Facebook Ads are Helping in Small Business Expansion?

Facebook Advertising

Small businesses have always found a hard hand in their promotion. Advertising – the term remained an expensive touch stone for these small business owners.

However, business promotion and expansion is a word that tempts everyone having a business dream no matters it’s small or big. Not to mention, business expansion is an endless effort and so the associated cost or say Advertising.

This is the fact why small business segment refrain from high cost advertising as this cost is endless and many of them are even not in a situation to bear that cost as they are busy in battling with the business operation cost.

Facebook Advertising a Boon to Small Businesses

Facebook Advertising Gives a Break to Traditional High Cost Advertising

No one has ever envisaged the emerging of Facebook as a vital media and advertising platform. But it’s a fact now with billions of ad spending on Facebook from all over the world. From large advertisers to small business owners and the horde is expanding to start-ups with low budget.

Facebook Ads

The spending figures and growing trust is emboldening the competency of Facebook as a robust advertising platform, though Facebook has faced a phase when large spenders like Microsoft pose distrust in pouring further advertising budget on Facebook and credited their quarterly loss to Facebook.

Facebook is providing a simple to use advertising platform and in many cases you just have to select money every ting else will be done through Facebook if you have a page and you are wise enough to update it regularly.

Facebook is offering more targeting fields to penetrate the right audience segment of your product or services. However, Facebook is suggested to use for branding effort more as sales conversion ROI is going to be 30%-60% only and rest you have to consider as branding effort. Similar the case with product and services as products seem to be more conversion oriented on Facebook as users easily diverted to your product page and place their order right away.

With all these easy and on-the-go advertising options on Facebook it is leading as a major platform for small businesses with a zeal to promote their services/products and dream of the business expansion.

Why and How Your Facebook campaign might fail?

Facebook ad campaign

Facebook has emerged as a leading choice for brands and companies as an online advertising medium. However, there are many reasons why and how a Facebook ad campaign might fail. In this article, we have discussed those problems and the remedies.

Facebook audienceFacebook recently crossed 1 billion registered user marks and obviously is the biggest social networking portal in the world. Due to this wide user base, brands have started to treat this as a golden opportunity to advertise their products and are spending considerable amount of time, money and energy to design and implement ad campaigns which are designed especially for Facebook. Not each one of those campaigns is being a success. If you are one of the Facebook advertising agencies which have designed and launched especial ads for Facebook and yet failed to reach the anticipated result, we are hereby going to describe why you failed and how you can possibly fix your mistakes.

Facebook gives a really small area to the advertisers to cram their total message into. With only 90 characters allowed, they must deliver the unique selling proposition (USP) across and insert a call to action within only 90 characters. But, people, while delivering the USP often forgets to introduce a call to action, and lives under the misunderstanding that viewer will click on the ad to get more information about it. This is not always true. Thus, never forget to insert a clear call to action while creating a Facebook ad.

Facebook Killer Ads

Facebook wants the ads to be targeted very properly and thus they give many options while the ad is being created. Choosing a wrong option here can make the ad to be displayed to very different viewers than originally intended. There are options of a marketplace ad versus a premium ad. Please remember, marketplace ads are the budget Facebook ads and yet reach out to maximum number of people. If you are looking to get more likes for your business, this is the ad type to be used. However, if you are looking to sell a product or service you should opt for premium ads. If you are really unsure about which type of ads you need, forget not to use the excellent tutorials which Facebook offers.

Lastly, today when every business can reach out to almost every potential customer, thanks to the internet, there is the need to offer something extra. When shopping online, people always look for discounts or free products. If you cannot include a discount or freebie with your offer, there is a high possibility that your ads will be ignored and the viewer will prefer the ad by your competitor.  You can offer exclusive add-on products to those who click on your ads.

5 Things You Must Know Before Launching Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising

If you are recently planning to launch a Facebook page for your company, then you must keep on reading this. Facebook presently has 1 billion users and no wonder advertising to this crowd has its benefits.   However, before you plunge wholeheartedly, some words of caution.

  1. Create Facebook Page: First of all, create a Facebook page which is a must. You can not effectively use Facebook ads until you create this page. This should be your logical first step.
  2.  You must decide your advertising budget before you launch your first campaign. This depends on how much a customer worth to you. This calculation isn’t really Facebook related but has more to do with your business and customers.  If you haven’t calculated it before, it involves no rocket science. Calculate a few things, how much profit you make from a customer per year, how long do they generally stay with you, how much you need to spend to catch a client. Deduct the acquisition and retention cost from the profit and a percent of that cost is for your Facebook campaign.
  3. If you have a running business, there is a high chance that you are already doing some advertising for your service or products. You also know how much you need to spend to attract one customer who actually buys from you. This data will be another metrics which will help you to know the success of the Facebook campaign.
  4. Decide The correct ad type: It would be puzzling for you if you don’t know the Facebook ad manager terminologies like CPC, CPA and CPM. All you need too know is whether you need Facebook ‘Like’ for your Facebook page or want the viewers to read your recent posts. You need to understand this terminologies only when you are negotiating advanced pricing. Do you want to pay Facebook for showing your ad or when a certain action has been performed? You can also let Facebook decide this if you are unsure.
  5. Select Proper Interest Targeting: Interest targeting is a unique feature which Facebook rivals, such as Google, lack. It is unique because you can target users based on interests which they have expressed during conversations with friendFacebook advertising toolss.

If you have a website selling cook books, you would probably want to target home-makers, housewives. You would also love to target those who are learning cookery as a profession but you wouldn’t target people who love fast food as they have very little chance of cooking by themselves.

Facebook offers hundreds and thousands of interest groups and it is possible to target every interest group using this unique feature. Moreover contact Adbot India for performing Facebook advertising.

Social Ads – The Growing Future of Social Media Advertising

Social ads have impacted the entire business and advertising industry scenario in the quickest time than any other one. No other ad platform or option has caught fire like social advertising in past centuries.

The reason is simple and convincing citing the massive growth of internet and social media. Billions of users are spending their quality and maximum time over social networks making these social channels the eminent spot for advertising and promotion.

Social platforms are also making the growth of social ads by adding value and ease of use to it. Facebook alone has introduced 4 to 5 versions of Facebook ads that can be run without any help and with click of mouse. You just need few bucks to start advertising now on these social media networks.

Start your advertisement on social media if already not or your business is going to loose a great race and facility of current time.

At, Adbot – Social Marketing Agency, we are assisting in creating the best ads on social media as well as saving a great deal of your adverting budget.