How to Use Social Media for Brand Promotion?

Brand Promotion

Brand promotion on social media has quickly evolved from being the intern’s work to becoming an advanced marketing technique.     In addition to the older platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Channels such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are becoming the new rage of the digital world. These platforms are being used for everything from actual engagement with customer service and even online marketing.

So whether you want to sell products, gain likes and views encourage followers to a point, social media can help you with everything by augmenting your brand’s ranking to first place. One of the best ways of brand promotion is to use social media. In fact, several recent studies show that most of the brands plan to invest more strongly in social media in the coming year to reach potential followers and promote their brand.

Here are some ways to use social media for brand promotion.

  1. Provide relevant and valuable content on social media

In order to promote your brand strongly on social media, you need to create useful and relevant content that viewers would want to read, like and share, rather than forming content for the sake of posting according to publishing calendars or generating content that covers things only you’d want to read.

Keep these things in mind before creating content:

  • Every single piece of content that you post should be in support of your brand. If you can use memes effectively, then it can help you build strong brand reputation. However, if you are not fully convinced or aren’t sure if your audience will respond to your post, restrain yourself from sharing such content that can have a poor effect on your brand’s name and reputation.
  • Find out what your audiences like to read and which content will gain visibility on social media platforms. One thing is sure people prefer looking at the images over reading long length blog posts
  • Use visual content whenever needed. As articles and blog with more photos and visual content likely to gain better visibility. For example, Twitter posts with images receive twice as many views as text posts.

So, one of the best ways to create effective content for social media is to see what types of posts have been successful earlier, then put it together with your vision to create a unique content for your audiences.

  1. Find the influencers on social media

Creating relevant content is a great thing, but it’s the only way to succeed in social media. If your brand is not quite known, your voice would perhaps not reach the potential viewers and get lost in the noise. While gradually you can build your own audience through creating great content, but this task is time-consuming.

A much easier and quicker approach is to find influencers in your industry and communicate with them. This is how you do it:

  • Mention influencer’s name or link their site in your piece of content. Influencers with Google alerts and other notifications will see your content once it’s published.
  • Tag the influencers if any when sharing content on your social media page.
  • Email them once you’ve published your content to keep them in the loop.

The purpose is to have your content shared by them with their followers from social networking. You may find hard to convince influencers to share your content, but once you are creating quality content, you’re almost there.

  1. Use social campaigns to promote content on social media

As we all know, organic reach is decreasing day by day, paid campaigns are therefore gaining popularity and it can help you build your brand’s reputation on social networks. Most of the brands use campaigns, contests and stuff like this to gain more visibility and generate sales. In order to make the most of it, you can provide your audience with free samples of your product; give them valuable incentives that will encourage their participation. However make sure that the campaign is of value to all the participants.

In conclusion, while social media is a great way for brand promotion, it can also be a time waste if not used appropriately. You need to make a sound social media strategy in order to be successful and build a social standing of your brand.


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