A Guide to Better Your Link Building Strategy

The digital marketing world has changed drastically in recent years, Google’s panda and penguin updates have a major role to play in it. This has changed how online marketing scenario and how sites and back links are created.

Back links are links which head back to your site, building this links helps to increase your sites search engine optimization. If you are still building old back linking techniques it time to look into some new techniques which can help your site’s SEO.

Firstly is the process of posting your articles and blogs on another person’s or other company’s website. The articles or blogs have back linksSEO, which take people to your website if they like your blog or write up. The content is the key; it should be attractive and informative so that people are compelled to visit your site. It’s a technique of creating good relations with the company’s website and the targeted audience.

Creating a viral content is one of the most effective links – building technique. It is a process of creating highly share able content on your site and then sharing it on various websites. Taking note of other viral content is needed so that you get an idea of what you have to do. Content is the most important thing which will compel people to share it with others, it can vary from any funny video to anything that is entertaining.

People are often interested in info graphics – images that share data in a graphic. It is a very pleasing to see these info graphics with cute pictures and still informative. If the info graphic is interesting and attractive it’s bound to be shared and posted by people on other sites increasing the chance of people visiting your website. Be sure to implement these new SEO strategies to enhance your back links.


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