3 Guidelines to Successfully Execute Change in Your Marketing

The only thing constant in marketing is change. The algorithms and practices in the sphere of digital marketing keep changing and evolving for the better. However, it is very challenging to work in such an environment. A digital marketing agency helps improving an organization through well-planned and well-implemented projects, using proven change management approach that ensures greater success.

digital marketing agency

Several Newer social media platforms like Snapchat and more have made a striking entry in the world of social media. Ad blockers and other tool are rising quickly in the market.

These are clear indicators that advertising has experienced one of the greatest shifts in the industry in the times gone by and are still undergoing changes.

A digital marketing agency understands the ever-changing nature of marketing and comes out with different ways to deal with it. Below mentioned are some key practices that will help you work in an ever-changing industry.

Broaden Your Focus

digital marketing agency

Make sure that you focus on a bigger picture rather than focusing on just short term longs. It’s vital to pay attention to how your strategy will work and impact your business as a whole. While considering every aspect of your company, you can plan out a great strategy and set the right goals. Incorporate new marketing ideas in your approach to make more effective and appropriate. This way you can deal with the change.

Remove Limitations


Another important step is to get ready to tackle change by removing all kinds of restrictions that prevent you from making changes in your strategy. If you are unable to adapt to changes quickly, you’ll fall behind your competitor. So, you need to stay at par with the change every minute.

Keep Track Of the Trends


Any marketer, who wants to be successful in dealing with the change, should be willing to take time out to monitor the latest trends of the industry. Tracking Twitter and other such platforms will help you identify the trending topics.

The marketing world will change persistently, so don’t get left behind the competition, stay at par with everything by simply being flexible and adaptable. Follow the trends and remove any restrictions that keep you from evolving your marketing strategy. You can call a digital marketing agency for any other assistance.


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Why Should You Hire an SEO Agency in India?

Every business wants to get to the top in the search engine results for better prospects and business vision. But, achieving this ranking isn’t possible unless you hire an SEO agency in India which is both experienced and reliable by nature. An expert SEO agency can take your business to the right direction and can derive more qualified leads for your website.

If your website isn’t getting enough traffic, its time you should hire the professional services of a good SEO agency. An experienced SEO agency can make great strategies to increase your website’s ranking. Though you may come across people who do the SEO for their business on their own and they would be successful too, but you must have noticed how much time they had to spend for growing their business. And if business owners start doing everything on their own then who would take care of their business? Therefore, it is extremely important for business owners to hire an SEO agency in India so that they could devote their time in other important things and do better job.

If budget is a constraint for you, then you must outsource SEO job to an SEO agency in India. Most of the SEO professional in India are good in their job and proficient in their way of work style, which makes it easy for the business owners to communicate with them.

By outsourcing SEO job to an SEO agency in India, you can save a lot of money and get visible outcomes in a very short span of time. We recommend you to search and hire a good SEO firm and use it to your business’s advantage.

How to Use Social Media for Brand Promotion?

Brand Promotion

Brand promotion on social media has quickly evolved from being the intern’s work to becoming an advanced marketing technique.     In addition to the older platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Channels such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are becoming the new rage of the digital world. These platforms are being used for everything from actual engagement with customer service and even online marketing.

So whether you want to sell products, gain likes and views encourage followers to a point, social media can help you with everything by augmenting your brand’s ranking to first place. One of the best ways of brand promotion is to use social media. In fact, several recent studies show that most of the brands plan to invest more strongly in social media in the coming year to reach potential followers and promote their brand.

Here are some ways to use social media for brand promotion.

  1. Provide relevant and valuable content on social media

In order to promote your brand strongly on social media, you need to create useful and relevant content that viewers would want to read, like and share, rather than forming content for the sake of posting according to publishing calendars or generating content that covers things only you’d want to read.

Keep these things in mind before creating content:

  • Every single piece of content that you post should be in support of your brand. If you can use memes effectively, then it can help you build strong brand reputation. However, if you are not fully convinced or aren’t sure if your audience will respond to your post, restrain yourself from sharing such content that can have a poor effect on your brand’s name and reputation.
  • Find out what your audiences like to read and which content will gain visibility on social media platforms. One thing is sure people prefer looking at the images over reading long length blog posts
  • Use visual content whenever needed. As articles and blog with more photos and visual content likely to gain better visibility. For example, Twitter posts with images receive twice as many views as text posts.

So, one of the best ways to create effective content for social media is to see what types of posts have been successful earlier, then put it together with your vision to create a unique content for your audiences.

  1. Find the influencers on social media

Creating relevant content is a great thing, but it’s the only way to succeed in social media. If your brand is not quite known, your voice would perhaps not reach the potential viewers and get lost in the noise. While gradually you can build your own audience through creating great content, but this task is time-consuming.

A much easier and quicker approach is to find influencers in your industry and communicate with them. This is how you do it:

  • Mention influencer’s name or link their site in your piece of content. Influencers with Google alerts and other notifications will see your content once it’s published.
  • Tag the influencers if any when sharing content on your social media page.
  • Email them once you’ve published your content to keep them in the loop.

The purpose is to have your content shared by them with their followers from social networking. You may find hard to convince influencers to share your content, but once you are creating quality content, you’re almost there.

  1. Use social campaigns to promote content on social media

As we all know, organic reach is decreasing day by day, paid campaigns are therefore gaining popularity and it can help you build your brand’s reputation on social networks. Most of the brands use campaigns, contests and stuff like this to gain more visibility and generate sales. In order to make the most of it, you can provide your audience with free samples of your product; give them valuable incentives that will encourage their participation. However make sure that the campaign is of value to all the participants.

In conclusion, while social media is a great way for brand promotion, it can also be a time waste if not used appropriately. You need to make a sound social media strategy in order to be successful and build a social standing of your brand.

How to Naturally Create SEO-Friendly Content?

SEO-Friendly Content

Earlier in SEO, content has to have the right keywords, at the right place, in the right number, in order to increase ranking on Google. However, thanks to the Google algorithm update that has become smarter about clearing pages stuffed with keywords and links, there’s more focus on good stories now.

In addition to creating a compelling story, here are a few things you can do on the back end to increase your content’s ranking on search engines, as suggested by SEO companies in India.

  1. Explore Google Analytics

Google analytics is something that helps you create good content that drives in more traffic, build customer holding and generates more leads. Google Analytics will give you age, gender, location, browsing preferences (desktop or mobile), and behavior information, such as what visitors viewed and shared.  You can consider this information when creating landing pages and/or sales copy targeted to a specific audience.

  1. Create A-double-plus content

You can write on any topic, but your content should be more informative, more comprehensive and more researched than the rest.  Give your article a new angle and make it more entertaining. In short, your content should be so good that people want to link it and share it.

  1. Pair content with social media

Undoubtedly, social media brings more exposure to your content, which naturally leads to more links, shares, likes, retweets and more.  Smart search engines notice these hints and reward accordingly.

  1. Create a landing page

If you’ve made a great white paper on the latest advancements, give it a landing page optimized for SEO. You must include relevant keywords. When viewers bookmark your page, it will generate long term traffic and you’ll get the bonus of email addresses for follow ups.

With some back end research, you can create good content and naturally bring more traffic to your content, making it SEO-friendly. For any further assistance you can call the best SEO services company in India.

Five Signs You Should Invest More in Social Media

top digital agencies in India

With the rise in competition, many businesses have started using social media to drive more traffic to their site and increase their search engine ranking. However, there are still so many people lagging behind and not using social media to their benefit. Several top digital agencies in India focus more on social media as it is the best way to reap great results for a business.

Undeniably social media has become more pervasive, therefore it is no longer a question whether a business should start with social media or not.

According to various top digital agencies in India, every business should invest more in social media now

Having said that, let’s dig into some signs which show that your business should start investing more in social media and how can you improve the flaws you have been making.

  1. Facebook Is the Only Platform You Use

Facebook is not the only social platform to achieve a social following. There are several other smart and fast networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more, which are very beneficial for your business. Different social platforms have their own different advantages and benefits.

There is so much more to social media than just Facebook, so change your mentality that only Facebook can get you noticed by people. Albeit, Facebook is a very vital platform, but there are others which can also offer you several advantages.

  1. You Don’t Know About a Pinterest Pin

If you haven’t heard about it, then start investing some time in exploring different social media sites and get started on them. Discover new features and tools that social platforms have to offer for your businesses advantage and can enhance the visibility of your brand.

  1. Less Engagement from The Customers

If your posts receive no likes or your tweets never get retweeted, then there is something very wrong with the way you have been using social media. Make sure that your content reaches the targeted audience and is of utmost relevance to them.

  1. When You Post Less

Posting once in a week on social media is of no help. When you really want your business to be visible to a large number of people, then you should certainly stay up-to-the-minute with every social media network. The more you will update on your social media accounts, the more users will be able to view your products and services.

  1. When Social Media Terms Baffle You

If you don’t understand the word “Hashtag” then you surely need to research more and get going with social media networking sites.  Get familiar with the latest social media terminologies and use them to your best advantage.

Though so many businesses have started using social media yet they don’t completely understand the meaning of it. So, to use social media networks to your best advantage, you first need to analyze what you lack in and then start improving your flaws. Contact the top digital agencies in India to understand social media in a better way.

One Simple Change That Will Enhance Your Google Advertising Results

What could be that one thing which would help you to improve the performance of your Google pay-per-click campaign? Some of the best Google advertising companies in Delhi make use of different ways to enhance a Google AdWords campaign. Being the best advertising company, the aim is to have many of the “great ways” working together to achieve maximum profit.

Google Advertising Company

Best Google advertising company in Delhi aims for nothing but “more for less” i.e. increased traffic, great response rates , simultaneous lower cost per click- what a wonderful combination, isn’t it?

So, what could be that one thing which can improve your campaign’s performance? Is there any one thing which can do that? YES!

Concisely, be specific in the keywords you use. There are different people using internet and searching for specific things in their mind, they wish to find them quickly and as easily as possible.

Search engines have become really advanced and better over the “years to help people find exactly what they have been looking for, more rapidly than ever. The major strength of Google is to help one find what they need in just a few steps. For instance, if a person wants to search certain kind of bike, they are not going to type in “bike” or “Buy a bike” or “new bike”, rather they will search for a specific bike. This is because the search engine has now conditioned them to be exact in what they are searching for online.

Google prizes the advertiser who provides the searcher exactly what he/she was looking for as early as possible. So if you are a furniture based website, then you don’t just have to use keywords such as “ Furniture “ but also incorporate the terms like “ Furniture shopping online”,” Home décor online”, “Home furnishing online”, “lighting online” etcetera.

How does it work together?

Besides using specific keywords, you should also be specific in your ads, as specific as the keywords people look for. This not only calls for higher response rate, but also lowers cost per click. However if you don’t have time to set up things properly and manage Google AdWords campaign, then hire a best Google advertising company in Delhi who will generate best results for your business.

The Power of Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising

Considering the fact that every business has a different set of goals to achieve, there are several ways of promoting a business. The best advertising agency in Delhi tends to understand the nature of a business and then form strategies and find ways to promote it in the best manner possible.

Contextual advertising is said to be one of the vital ways used in promoting business.

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is one of the ways used by businesses to promote its products and services. It’s a form of web promotion which displays on a banner or ad on a website. Contextual advertising targets a set of people as the advertising is based on the keywords of the page the users are visiting. For instance, if a user visits furniture related website, he will see only furniture based content and advertisements available on the page. Search engine advertising are similar to contextual advertising as the ads that appear in the results are based on the keywords searched by users.

How does it work?

Contextual advertising system examines the keywords on the website and based on that it appears on the website as pop-up ads and display ads. These ads are relevant to the users as it is related to the content that users of the website are looking for.

Role of a best advertising agency in Delhi

The role is to understand the process of contextual advertising and utilizing to their best advantage. It should be done in order to influence the online marketing strategy. In fact, a web promotion has three facets:

Creation: how should the advertisement look?

Media planning: where should advertisement run?

Media buying: How should be advertisements paid?

Impact of Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising has been immensely increased earnings for the business. As these ads are most likely clicked, thus incurring profit and increasing revenue for it.

The best advertising agency in Delhi focuses on the use of contextual advertising to promote business in a better way.

Starting a Business: Take Your Lessons from Steve Jobs

Intetnet Marketing Agency -AdbotSteve Jobs will always be remembered as a digital perfectionist who brought poetry to microchip. But before he became a legend he simply was a man. We can all strive to be the next Steve Jobs by being as unique and innovative as he was.

When it comes to uniqueness, Steve Jobs is one of the first person who strike our mind, his modus operandi, persona and off course, Apple Phone invention has taught a lot to others. The best internet marketing company in India must have followed Steve Jobs and strictly adhere to his sayings.

He is an idol for many and here I have gathered 3 significant lessons related to internet marketing that beginners or any business owner of best internet marketing company in India must know

Learn from your customers

Steve always focused on knowing what exactly his customers want. He made efforts to build a product that his customers want and would appreciate using it. And yes we love Apple IPhones. In addition to this he also encouraged customer’s surveys which would be helpful in determining the real wants of the customers.

You can apply this knowledge to your internet marketing skills and efforts to reach for success.

Embolden Innovation

Steve Jobs once said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. He always aimed at being as innovative as possible and also encouraged his team member to be creative in their own sphere.

You can bring innovations and follow an innovative approach in your SEO strategies and internet marketing to get close to success. Be better and unique each time and apply new ideas- you will eventually succeed. Always remember don’t rush to get something instantly, as “the light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long”.

Concentrate on one thing at a time

Steve thinks that trying to do a hundred of tasks at a single time will only drain your energy and fetch you nothing but regret.

And this is what you have to learn- from focusing on too many things, limit yourself to a single activity and complete that to perfection. Rather than failing in everything, at least win one.

If you are planning to start a business and are searching for the best internet marketing company in India, make sure to follow the lessons mentioned above because only then will you achieve real success.

How to Use Facebook Services for Marketing?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website in the entire world with over1.49 billion dynamic and active users and above 900 million of logging every day. Facebook is a platform that creates new and interesting ways to connect with the users all across the globe. Several business owners use Facebook services to promote their products and engage large number of audiences.

Whether you wish to market from an individual profile or a business page, there are a lot of great ways to use Facebook services like Facebook notes and other features.

Facebook Marketing

You can use the below mentioned services for marketing your business in the best way:

  1. Profile page: Your profile page should contain apt amount of content which can attract the viewers and entice them to like your posts and share them on their timelines (or profile page). You should also manage the past posts on your profile to create an attractive profile.
  2. Optimize the page: An optimized page is easily found at search engines which can help you promote your business in a quick way and reach maximum users possible.
  3. One-on-one interaction: Facebook allows you to interact with different and diverse people directly. You can receive direct feedbacks from the Facebook users and you can straight away reply them accordingly.
  4. Facebook notes: you can use the Facebook notes to communicate with the current and potential audiences. You can write a note that summarizes your business goals or latest blog posts.
  5. Facebook’s search function: Facebook has been making efforts to update its search tool so that you can use this function to search whatever you wish to. Facebook is more like “search engine” which can show desired results to its users and help them being updated with breaking news and other important bulletin.

Through Facebook you can share, like and post whatever you want to. Several useful Facebook services give you the opportunity to bring into light your business products and services which other people may like and want to avail. Over the time, Facebook has become a valuable tool for marketing businesses through its impeccable services.

3 Prominent Social Media Marketing Tools to Be Used in 2015


The tools of social media marketing have taken it to a different level that in turn makes the work simpler.

One who says that life is about challenges is absolutely correct. However one should not miss the point that it is not only the individual life but also the acceptance of change is challenging for humanity as a whole. Change could be categorised and bifurcated in different sections, but the one I am refereeing to in this piece is the change that the evolving time has presented to the mankind. In fact it could be rightly said that human being has evolved with the modifying time. One of the biggest challenges of the 20th century was the human adjustment with the process of digitalisation. Similar to all other challenges of evolving time to the mankind, this has been bravely faced and adapted by all. The resultant outcome has been percolation of the virtual world into our day lives. Along with the other facets of our life the virtual world assisted and benefited the world to become smaller through the avenue of social media. Social media has enhanced better connectivity not only for normal individuals but also between the buyers and seller. This fact has encouraged the rise of the concept of social media marketing.

Today social media marketing has become the norm of the day. Social media is not simple and marketing in this platform has panoramic impact which has several unknown layers. These layers are composed of the social media tools which are several in numbers. If you are planning to promulgate your enterprise brand through venturing into the avenues of social media marketing, it is essential to have fair amount of knowledge about these tools.  Three significant tools are:

  • Analyst tools: this tool paves the way towards the quantitative scrutiny of the digital metrics. This assist to measure the impact the virtual present and its acceptance by the target group, in different virtual platform.
  • Listening tool: this enables you to keep the note of the sentiments sprouting regarding your brand and also enables one to get the hint of the products capacity of alluring the consumer. It makes one realise whether the product is liked or disliked by the audience.
  • Social media management tool: as preferred in the current time this tools more or less are third party based. It is essential as it provides predominant push to the brand name in the social media platform. These tools allows to club different activities of the multiple platform at one place something like Hootsuite.

Therefore it seems digitisation has its own response in order to make work related to it simpler.  This makes brand promotion using social media marketing more approachable by people who are running their business and handling all social profiles by themselves.